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Gin, Turpentine, Pennyroyal, Rue

The Very Marrow of Our Bones 

"... Once, my eldest brother Geordie and I came across the carcass of a freshly killed young possum in the back woods. Its arms were raised above its head, as if in disbelief. Beseeching. Whatever had killed it had ripped open its belly and eaten all its tender bits. My mother’s disappearance left us all like that."

Image of Christine's book cover

Promoted to Glory

Read my short story, "Promoted to Glory," published in Plenitude: Your Queer Literary Magazine

"... Uncle Hal had a bee in his bonnet about every one of us getting an education; Dad figured we’d do just dandy as shop girls or working at the Beaver Lumber store. He’d heard about Icarus."


I am a grateful and happy recipient of a 2020 Canada Council grant. The characters of my next book, and I, offer the Canada Council and the people of Canada my heartfelt thanks. @CanadaCouncil #BringingTheArtsToLife


I am honoured and delighted to be the recipient of a 2018 Ontario Arts Council grant. #ontarioartscouncil


CBC Short Story Prize 2020

Courage, My Love

Winner! Editor's Choice Prize – Fiction 
2018 Foreword INDIES 

The Very Marrow of Our Bones

Silver Award!

National Magazine Awards 2019 Fiction
A Prayer for Ursula in Open D


CBC Creative Nonfiction Prize 2016

Because we're not at the ocean

Reading, writing...

An exploration (and a few recommendations) of books on motherhood at

A collection of short stories is in the works...

"A Prayer for Ursula in Open D" in The Malahat Review: Look for it in Issue 205: Queer Perspectives, Winter 2018.


"Dysplastic Man!" in The New Quarterly, Issue 145, Winter 2018.

In 2011, I was shortlisted for the Marina Nemat Award in the Creative Writing program at the University of Toronto.​


I was on the editorial collective of Fireweed, A Feminist Quarterly for a decade.

I am represented by Hilary McMahon at Westwood Creative Artists.

Christine on a hill carrying her old pug dog

I am a delighted recipient of a 2023 Toronto Arts Council grant. To @torontoartscouncil, my heartfelt thanks. I am so honoured! #poweredbyTAC

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